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HSBC Securities Services

Global standards and local expertise - HSBC Philippines

Global Standards, Local Expertise

HSBC's Securities Services provides local and foreign investors with custodial services. In the Philippines, we are the leading choice of global custodians, broker dealers and fund managers, as evidenced by our awards in various custody award surveys. Being in the custody business since the 1950s, we have the largest client base and trade settlement volume in the country.

Features and Benefits

As our institutional customer, you will enjoy the following:

 Superior Settlement Services

 Safekeeping of Securities and Fixed Income Investments

 Corporate Events Processing

 Income/Interest Collection

 Proxy Voting

 Investment Registration with the Central Bank

 Foreign Exchange Services

 Cash Management Services

 Specialised Client Reporting

 Market Information via Market Broadcasts

 Focused Relationship Management

 Strong Lobbying Efforts with Close Ties with Regulators

 Fund Services

 Corporate, Trust and Loan Agency Service

 Fiscal and Paying Agency

 Facility Agency

 Escrow Agency

 Transfer Agency

More information

For more information please email or call:
Zach Fraser
Head of HSBC Securities Services
Tel Nos: (632) 581 8260 (Foreign Clients)
  (632) 581 7518 (Domestic Clients)
For more information on our worldwide operations, visit our global website at