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Moving from paper credit card statements to e-Statements

At HSBC, we take our responsibility to you and the environment seriously. That's why we're moving from paper/printed statement to e-Statement for your HSBC credit card. With e-Statements, you can receive your statements in the most convenient, secure, and eco-friendly way. You can view, download, and print a free electronic version of your credit card statement that looks just like the paper version you receive by mail.

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Features and Benefits

You won't miss paper statements with these e-Statement benefits:

Safe and convenient
No more lost or damaged statements – get them on time via email or online banking* so you won’t miss out on your payment due dates.

Delivered to your e-mail in password-protected PDF form

* Requires registration to online banking

Receive email and text message notifications every time your e-Statement is ready

Save trees by reducing paper consumption

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Reference Number RBWMRC04Jan2016