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HSBC Credit Card Comparison

Searching for the card that suits your needs?
HSBC Credit Card Comparison
Red MasterCard
Irresistible rewards
for women
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Serving up
more rewards
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Platinum Visa
Get closer to your
dream vacation
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Advance Visa
Advance Visa
Caters to all
your needs
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Premier MasterCard
Highest level of personalized service
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Caltex Rebate
Rewards Program
with accelerated rewards

with accelerated rewards

with accelerated rewards

with accelerated
Privilege Program
HSBC's Card Installment Plan
Eligibilty criteria
Income criteria
per year

PHP200,000 PHP500,000 For Advance
bank depositors
For Premier
bank depositors
Other Bank Credit Card

Must have another locally-issued primary credit card in good standing
for at least 12 months

Fees and charges
Primary Card
Annual Fee (waived
for the first year)
PHP1,200 PHP2,500 PHP5,000 PHP2,500 Waived
Supplementary Card  Annual Fee PHP600 PHP1,250 PHP2,500 PHP1,250 Waived
Retail Monthly Effective Interest Rate2 3.5% per month 2.75% per month 3% per month 2.75% per month

Cash Advance Monthly Effective
Interest Rate2

3.75% per month

3.02% per month

3.27% per month

3.02% per month

Fees (All cards)
Cash advance fee 3% of amount drawn or P500, whichever is higher
Minimum amount due
  Four percent (4%) of your current billed balances (including cash advances, retail purchases, fees3, charges3 and the monthly amortization of installment transactions made prior to July 22, 2013), or PHP500, whichever is higher
  +   100% of the fixed monthly amortization of installment transactions availed starting July 22, 2013 onwards
  +   Past Due installment amortization amount for installments availed starting July 22, 2013 PLUS the corresponding full amount of finance charge incurred, if any
  +   Any other Past Due or Overlimit amount, whichever is higher
Late payment fee 7.5% of the minimum due or PHP600, whichever is higher
Overlimit fee PHP500 shall be charged if card account is overlimit on cut-off date
Returned check fee PHP1000 shall be charged for check payments which are returned due to reasons such as but not limited to insufficient funds, unsecured deposit, or any other reasons resulting to bad faith by the cardholder
Sales slip retrieval fee PHP275 for each sales slip retrieved upon cardholder's request
Card replacement fee PHP400 for each replacement of lost, stolen or damaged card
Service fee for foreign currency transactions4 2.50% of the converted sum plus reimbursement of the assessment fee charged by Visa/MasterCard to HSBC equivalent to 1% of the converted sum
HSBC's installment plan pre-termination processing fee PHP500 for each HSBC Installment Plan transaction pre-terminated

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1Terms and Conditions apply
2The Effective Interest Rate is computed based on the actual number of days in a particular month/year.  The beginning of the interest date is from
 the date of the transaction.  If you pay any amount less than the Total Due/Total Account Balance or make a cash advance transaction, finance
 charges at prevailing interest rates will be computed from the date of the transaction until the end of the current statement period.
3May be billed in full if your outstanding balance is composed purely of a) installment transactions starting July 22, 2013 or b) installment transactions starting July 22, 2013 and cash advance transactions
4Effective May 1, 2013. Details found on HSBC’s Terms and Conditions