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Globe BlackBerry promo

Get a head start on the Red Blackberry Curve 8520™ with your HSBC Red MasterCard on 0% installment

Get a head start on the Red BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone with your HSBC Red Mastercard
on 0% installment.

For only P236.12/month on 0% installment over 18 months, you can be one of the first to enjoy the chic Red
Blackberry Curve 8520™ smartphone with a Globe Postpaid Plan 999 subscription.
Plus, enjoy 1-month Supersurf for Blackberry MAX for FREE (P1500 value) with your plan subscription.
Take advantage of the exclusive handset offer at 50% off the regular price for HSBC credit cardholders until September 30, 2010 only.

Call the Globe hotline at (02) 730-1000 or visit the nearest Globe center to avail now.

* Total handset price with Globe Plan 999: P4,250 (P236.12 monthly on 0% interest x 18 months)
Also available under Prepaid Kit non-subscription bundle for P13,495.50 on 0% interest over 18 months.

HSBC's Installment Plan Terms and Conditions apply. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4530. Series of 2010.

HSBC-Globe Blackberry Curve 0% Installment Promo Terms & Conditions.

1. The HSBC-Globe Blackberry Curve 0% Installment Promo (the 'Promo') shall run from 15July2010 to 30September2010.
2. The Promo is open to existing HSBC Primary credit cardholders in good standing (the "Cardholders").
3. Under the Promo, each Cardholder will be entitled to purchase from Globe Telecom a Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphone handset ("Handset") bundled with Globe mobile subscription plan under the following terms:

Item Special HSBC price on Handset @ 18-month 0% HIP % Discount Bonus item
Postpaid Plan 999
(36 months lock up)
P4,250 50% off regular P8,500 18-month 0% installment exclusive to HSBC Free 1-month Supersurf for BlackBerry MAX (P1500 value)
Prepaid Kit
P13,495.50 18-month 0% installment exclusive to HSBC Free 5-days Supersurf for BlackBerry
(P220 value)

Availment will be subject to the following Conditions:
• The HSBC credit card must be activated and have sufficient credit limit to cover the purchase amount;
• The Cardholder successfully charges the entire value of the purchase price to his/her HSBC credit card under HSBC´s 0% Installment Plan (HIP) for a tenor of eighteen (18) months. If the charging of the installment transaction to the card is unsuccessful, the Cardholder will not be entitled to avail of the offer.

4. The Cardholder may purchase the Handset at any participating Globe Telecom Stores via Prepaid Kit or Postpaid Plan bundled with BlackBerry Curve. Availments of Handsets bundled with Globe Postpaid Plan may only be made at Globe Telecom Stores or through Globe's Hotline (730-1000) and shall be subject to Globe´s prevailing subscription plan requirements and terms and conditions.

Selected prequalified Cardholders who receive an invitation may order and request for delivery of BlackBerry Curve Prepaid Kit. To do so, the Cardholder must confirm the following with HSBC via recorded line:
• His/her agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the Promo;
• His authorization for HSBC to charge the total amount of the purchase price on 0% HIP to the qualified HSBC card for a tenor of eighteen (18) months;
• His instructions for delivery to be made by Globe in his name to his residential address as appearing in HSBC´s records
• His agreement in personally receiving the handset in the given delivery address. Cardholder is not allowed to authorize a representative to receive the handset.

Selected prequalified Cardholders who receive an invitation and intend to get a Postpaid Plan 999 bundled with a discounted cash out for the Handset, will receive a follow up call from Globe to process activation of the Postpaid Plan. Cardholder must be prepare the following documents for emailing or faxing to Globe:
• A valid Identity Card (ID) with Billing Address;
• Latest HSBC Statement of Account (SOA) of cardholder

The Cardholder may call (02) 85-800 after two (2) working days from the date of request to determine whether or not a transaction has been approved. If the transaction is approved, the Prepaid Kit with Handset Bundle will be delivered within seven (7) working days from the date of approval for Metro Manila addresses and within fifteen (15) working days for non-Metro Manila addresses, subject to the following:
• Deliveries will only be allowed to the residential address of the Primary Cardholder based on HSBC´s records. No requests for redirection of deliveries to an alternate address will be entertained.
• The Cardholder shall be contacted by Globe to confirm the delivery schedule beforehand. Should delivery be unsuccessful due to unavailability of the Cardholder on the confirmed delivery date, the Cardholder shall be liable to pay a P500 cancellation fee and any re-delivery charges.
• Deliveries shall be subject to a P200 delivery fee seen below that will automatically be charged to the Cardholder´s HSBC card as a separate transaction at the same time the HIP transaction is requested.
• The following must be fulfilled for the Handset to be released:

• The Cardholder must present his/her valid photo-bearing ID and surrender a photocopy to the courier.
• The Cardholder may not authorize a representative to receive the delivery in his behalf.

7. Cancellation and or/ pre-termination policy:
• A Cardholder may cancel the redemption via delivery with no processing fees if the request to cancel is done no later than 24 hours from the time the redemption via delivery was advised to HSBC. Time of call of the original redemption request will be used as basis to determine the 24-hour cancellation period.
• A delivery cancellation fee of Php500.00 will be charged to the Cardholder´s HSBC card in the following cases:

• Any request to cancel is received by HSBC after the 24 hour window, or received during such processing of the delivery
• The Handset is not successfully delivered after 2 delivery attempts
• Cancellation of order is not allowed if delivery has been made to the Primary Cardholder´s address.

8. The Handset shall be available on a first-come first-served basis. In case of temporary stock unavailability, HSBC and Globe shall notify the Cardholders of the expected re-stocking date and allow reservation arrangements provided that the cardholder already subscribed to a Postpaid Plan or has already made a payment for the Prepaid Kit. Delivery shall be made within 21 days upon confirmation of stock availability by Globe to the Primary Cardholder´s residential address.

9. Cardholders must maintain their HSBC credit card in good standing throughout the Promo Period. The monthly installment amount of the purchase price of the Handset will form part of the total outstanding balance due on Cardholder´s account statement. If, at any time during the 18-month installment term, a Cardholder´s HSBC credit card is cancelled or if the Cardholder is delinquent in the payment of any amount due on said credit card, the entire outstanding balance, whether billed or unbilled, on the installment shall become immediately due and demandable.

10. In case a Cardholder is found to have availed of the benefit under this Promo under fraudulent means, as determined by HSBC according to the terms set forth herein, HSBC shall have the right to charge the difference between the discounted price and the regular price of the Handset purchased to the Cardholder´s HSBC credit card.

11. All Handsets shall be covered by the standard manufacturer´s warranty and Globe´s purchase policies. Cardholders must contact or visit any of the participating Globe outlets regarding defective Handsets. HSBC shall not be liable for any such defects, or for the services of Globe.

In case the Handset is defective, the following steps should be followed:
• Cardholder must contact the Globe hotline at (02) 730-1000 or visit any Globe Store nationwide to report and request inspection/repair of item.
• Globe gives 1-year warranty of the Handset to the purchaser and will cover inspection and repair only if the damage is caused by factory defect and not mishandling.
• Cardholder must surrender the defective unit to Globe.
• Repair takes at least 70 days given that this is sent outside the country for inspection and full repair.

HSBC´s Installment Plan (HIP) Terms and Conditions apply to the extent not inconsistent with the Promo conditions herewith.

All matters and disputes relating to this Promo shall be subject to the final decision of HSBC, with the approval of the DTI.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4530 Series of 2010.

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