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Shop Online with your HSBC credit card

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Shopping online is fast growing to be part of our everyday lives. We can virtually do almost anything - buying your favorite things, booking tickets, and many more! It's easy and convenient especially with your HSBC Credit Card.

Just a friendly reminder when making online purchases using your HSBC Credit Card.

Check that all of the following information are entered correctly on the payment page:

Card number
Expiry date
Name as shown on card

3-digit code at the back of your card


In order to process a secure online payment, you are required to input a credit card verification number for all purchases made with VISA, MasterCard.

VISA and MasterCard.
3-digit number located at the back of your card.

3 Digit Card Verification Number

For your security, your HSBC credit card will be blocked from future online purchases after 3 cumulative erroneous tries.

HSBC Secure Pay

Be protected when paying online.

Online transactions can be risky if you don't know who or what you're dealing with. But with HSBC Secure Pay, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping online and be confident that your payments will arrive at the proper vendors.

You don't need to download any software or pay additional fees. Just prepare your Internet Banking User ID and password and you're all set to register.

What makes it secure?

Password protection - To protect your transaction, HSBC will ask you to create a password. It's similar to your ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) and it will help ensure that you are the only one registered to use your credit card online.

Personal Message - A personal message will add a layer of protection on top of your confidential password. This personal message is designed to confirm that your transaction is authenticated by HSBC and prove that you are the authorized HSBC credit cardholder.

Set up Secure Pay in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 - Register your HSBC credit card by creating a password and a personal message.

Step 2 - After the registration, you may start shopping online using your HSBC credit card.

Step 3 - Remember to verify that the authentication screen is genuine by checking that the personal message is the one you created at the time of registration.

Step 4 - Enter your password to authenticate the transaction and complete your online purchase.

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