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Paperless Banking

Switch to e-Statements

Suppressing the creation and delivery of your paper statements can be your first step to helping save paper. Switch to e-Statements to enjoy a faster and more convenient way to view your monthly statements. With e-Statements, you do not only benefit from getting your statements ahead of time, you also contribute to our campaign to save as much as 10 tons of paper – imagine how many trees you can save.

E-Statements also prevent mail mix-ups. You do not have to worry about losing your statements in the mail. We will deliver your statement directly to your computer. To notify you, we will be sending you an alert via email within minutes of delivery. This way, you also have more control over when and where to receive your statements.

Pay your bills and transfer funds online

With HSBC online banking, you do not have to fill out withdrawal or deposit forms when you pay bills or transfer funds. You can complete your transactions without needing to execute any form. Aside from this, all online transactions are processed electronically, with very minimal manual intervention. This means that not only do you enjoy faster turnaround of your requests, you also contribute to consuming less energy.

Monitor your balances and transactions via HSBC online banking

Minimize printing of your account transactions or even of receipts when you withdraw via ATM. HSBC online banking, displays all your transactions as they get posted. By simply banking online, you are contributing to minimizing paper consumption. Remember, any savings on paper contributes to saving more trees.

Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000

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