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HSBC Home Loan

With HSBC's global expertise, we understand your needs and how we can best serve you. Part of our services includes helping you find the best financial tools to purchase, build, renovate your dream home or refinance your existing home loan.

Interest rates* start at 4.99% per annum 1-year re-pricingHuge loan savings when you get a home loan from HSBC.

With rates as low as 4.99% per annum, our Home Loan gives you more savings on your loan so you can get the dream house you've always wanted. Enjoy lower monthly amortization when you build your future with us.

Get one of our lowest interest rates* today:

  • 4.99% per annum, for 1-year re-pricing
  • 6.75% per annum, fixed for the first 5 years
  • Apply today for an HSBC Home Loan and enjoy savings and flexible terms.

    Contact our Home Loan Specialist to determine the rate that's best for you.

    What's more, with HSBC's Home Loan, you have access to flexible features and world-class benefits that allow you to customize your loan to fit your unique needs and requirements.  Enjoy the following:

     Instant Recognition

    Opening a Home Loan account of at least PHP6,000,000 entitles you to enjoy the exclusive privileges available
    to HSBC Premier Clients for a trial period of 2 years. This includes a home loan preferential re-pricing discount of 1.00%! To continue enjoying the HSBC Premier status after the trial period, you will need to maintain the required Total Relationship Balance of PHP4,000,000 with the bank.

     Straight-line or Reducing Balance Calculation Method

    Opt for our straight-line scheme so you can easily forecast your amortization cost along with your other expenses.  Or, go for the Reducing Balance option to save on interest payments**.

    To help you get started, click on any of the following Home Loan Calculators to determine what solution best works for you.

    How much do I need to earn to afford my desired loan amount?
    How much can I borrow based on the value of the property?
    How much can I borrow based on my monthly income?

    Apply for an HSBC Home Loan today.

    Call (02) 85-800 or (02) 581-7676 to speak to our team of dedicated Home Loan Specialists who will help you come up with a custom loan package that best fits your needs.
    Interest rate quoted above is as of March 2015 for new home loan accounts and is subject to change without prior notice. Rate to be applied shall be the prevailing interest rate at the time of the drawdown.
    The 4.99% p.a. rate applies to a home loan with minimum amount of PHP2,000,000.00, payable within a minimum period of 5 years.

    4.99% and 6.75% p.a. are Contractual Rates. An Effective Interest Rate (EIR) will be provided by the Bank computed depending on the drawdown date, loan tenor, the actual amount availed and other applicable fees, terms and conditions.
    For either calculation method, interest shall be computed based on the outstanding balance of the loan at the beginning of an interest period

    For existing home loan accounts due for re-pricing, please contact your HSBC Relationship Manager or branch of account for the latest interest rates. Rates subject to change without prior notice.

    Terms and Conditions apply.

    Service may delay. (Warning). Click to initiate an instant call to your phone. Click to initiate an instant call to your phone.

    Avail of free consultation on your mortgage needs.

    Set-up an appointment with a Home Loan Specialist

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    Home Loan Calculators

    Get a quick quotation on your installment payment along with answer to any of these questions.

    How much do I need to earn to afford my desired loan amount?

    How much can I borrow based on the value of the property?

    How much can i borrow based on my monthly income?