Fairy tales with a twist to nurture financial literacy and independence

It is necessary to equip children with healthy financial skills at a young age to create a financially secure future.


As Filipinos, we always want the best for our children.  As parents, we aim to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need for a financially secure future.  HSBC would like to be part of this journey with all of you, we’ve partnered with the award-winning children’s author Emma Dodd to create ‘Fairer Tales’, a book with a modern take on traditional fairy tales.  


The book twists the traditional fairy tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel so that the princesses no longer rely on Prince Charming to save them.  Instead, its their financial acumen that gets them through, setting a positive example for both young girls and boys about the potential of women and girls to achieve their financial goals themselves.  


As we celebrate International Women’s Month, this March, HSBC wants to take an active role in supporting women empowerment through financial education and building financial confidence.   Watch the full video below:


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Inspire financial independence and literacy and help fulfill their dreams.