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An all-new rewards experience awaits

We're upgrading your rewards experience with an all-new platform!

Enjoy a seamless journey by viewing your bonus points, e-catalogue and redemption options in one portal and in just a few clicks.

Access the new HSBC Rewards site with your assigned Rewards User Code and the last 4 digits of your HSBC Credit Card.

An enhanced redemption journey

  1. Log in with your Rewards User Code and the last 4 digits of your HSBC Credit Card number.
  2. View the Rewards e-Catalogue in the homepage then select the item you wish to redeem by clicking on it.
  3. When you're on the item page, click the GET REWARD button.
  4. On this page, select the quantity of the item that you want to redeem, click the circle icon for the number of points then check the T & C box before clicking Submit.
  5. A pop-up message will appear to confirm your submission. Click GO TO WALLET to view your redemption requests.
  6. You can check the status of your redeemed items in the Wallet page. For Processing means redemption is ongoing and will change to either Approved or Declined when the redemption process is complete.

You may access the Perx microsite using Safari, Edge, or Chrome browsers.

We're updating the points required to redeem some items in our Rewards Catalogue to adjust to changes in market condition.

Here are the new Pure Points and Fast Track requirements (PDF, 48KB) starting March 22, 2021.