Begin a journey of endless rewards

Open an account or upgrade to HSBC Premier and get the following rewards:

  • eGCs worth PHP20,000 when you invest or avail of a qualified investment or insurance product worth PHP3Mn and sign up for an HSBC Premier Mastercard.The higher amount of investment or insurance you avail, the higher the amount of eGCs you'll get. Get as much as PHP75,000 worth of welcome rewards!

  • Additional PHP5,000 worth of eGCs when you spend PHP15,000 anywhere using your newly approved HSBC Premier Mastercard within the promo spend period.


Promo period is from  March 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022.


For more information on the eligibility requirements, please refer to the Promo Terms and Conditions.

Premier tablet; image use for HSBC Philippines premier welcome offer page

Offer details

Open an or upgrade to HSBC Premier account with the following fresh funds booked in investments or insurance:


Fresh Funds Requirement = Welcome Reward amount:


Tier 1: PHP3,000,000 to PHP4,999,999 = PHP20,000 Universal Plus e-Gift Certificate

Tier 2: PHP5,000,000 to PHP9,999,999 = PHP30,000 Universal Plus e-Gift Certificate

Tier 3: PHP10,000,000 to PHP19,999,999 = PHP50,000 Universal Plus e-Gift Certificate

Tier 4: PHP20,000,000 and up = PHP70,000 Universal Plus e-Gift Certificate


Get a new HSBC Premier Mastercard and spend PHP15,000 anywhere using the card

PHP15,000 spend anywhere = PHP5,000 Universal Plus e-Gift Certificate

Terms and Conditions apply. 

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-137529. Series of 2022.

Exclusive Premier Account Benefits

Experience a premium bank account, with priority services, global support and no monthly fees.
Look after those that mean the most, by extending your Premier privileges to your family.
Unlock Premier status across 29 markets, with a unique range of global services and solutions.
Access a range of Investment and Insurance products.

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