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Insider tips on using your credit card

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Did you know how you choose, use and manage your credit card has an impact on your overall financial health including your credit score? Find out how to make the most out of your credit card with these insider tips.
  • Choose well: Different credit cards have different benefits. Make sure you research well and pick the card that best suits your needs and spending behavior. Ask yourself these questions before you make your decision:
    - Do I want to earn rebates with every spend?
    - Do I want to have travel perks?
    - Do I want to be able to redeem rewards?

    Here's a simple guide to help you choose between a cash back or rewards credit card.
  • Pay the minimum due amount on time: To avoid late payment fees and reminder calls, always pay your minimum credit card due on or before your due date. You have the option to pay the total amount due for the month or the minimum due amount – depending on your allotted budget. Just keep in mind that you'll be charged with interest if you pay less than the total due amount for the month. So, it's best to pay the full amount to avoid interest.
  • Spend within your limit: Credit limits are there for a reason. Banks assess your income and credit behavior with other banks and financial institutions before assigning a credit limit that's right for you. Avoid overspending so you don't find yourself having a hard time paying what you owe. Overspending might also negatively impact your credit score.
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  • Avail instalment plans to reduce your monthly balance: Maximize the full benefit of having a credit card that has an instalment facility. If you're buying big-ticket items that will exceed your monthly budget, look out for online stores or on-ground merchants that offer installment terms at 0%.  You can also call your bank to inquire about other installment options for your account, like balance transfer, balance conversion and cash installment plan. Remember, banks will think of your best interest and will give you payment options that best suit your current situation and finances.
  • Automate your monthly payments: With all the due dates that you need to track, it's possible to miss your monthly payments. Another credit card feature that's available is the auto-charge/automatic debit facility. With HSBC, you can enroll your bills to AutoCharge where your biller/s will automatically be paid every month. All you have to remember is your HSBC credit card's due date. Here's how to enroll your HSBC credit card to AutoCharge!
  • Be vigilant: Always keep your credit card safe with you, and never lose sight of it even at restaurants, gas stations, stores and other merchants. Don't share your personal details and your One-Time-Password to anyone when you're purchasing online. Fraud activities have become very creative and can deceive the unknowing customer. So, please make sure that your contact details are updated with your bank so that you can receive important alerts and notifications of any unusual activities.


These are some of the simple tips for you if you own a credit card or if you plan to apply for one. You can learn more about HSBC's different credit card types by clicking here.

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