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Register for Online Banking

Register with these 5 easy steps and start enjoying the benefits today.

Before you start

Before you register to Online Banking, you will need your:

HSBC Card or Phone Banking Number

Use either your

  • HSBC Credit Card
  • HSBC Debit Card
  • HSBC Phone Banking Number

For the HSBC card you will use, make sure that you activate your card before registration. Find out how to activate your card.


Use either your

  • HSBC Credit Card PIN
  • HSBC Debit Card PIN
  • HSBC Phone Banking PIN

Use the PIN that corresponds to either your card type or Phone Banking number.

Get started with online banking

You can click Register now or go through the detailed step by step guide.

How to register for HSBC Online Banking

Start mobile banking

Once you've registered for online banking, you can download the HSBC Mobile Banking App & use your online banking details to log in.

Manage your accounts on the go.

Frequently asked questions

More ways to bank

Woman using mobile phone; image used for HSBC Philippines mobile banking

Our mobile app puts banking at your fingertips. 

Man on laptop, image used for HSBC Philippine Online Banking

Bank securely at the branch that never closes.

phone girl smile; image used for HSBC ways to bank

Be on top of your finances by phone.

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