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Card Instalment Plan

Pay 0% interest on instalment for up to 36 months when you shop online or in-store at any of our merchant partners with your HSBC Credit Card.

What is the HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan?

The HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan lets you pay credit card purchases made at accredited merchants in fixed monthly instalments with 0% interest over a certain number of months. This repayment period is also commonly called a "tenor" or "term."

Who is eligible for the plan?

All HSBC credit cardholders in good credit standing are eligible to use the HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan.

What does 0% interest mean?

When you use the HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan you don't pay any additional interest or finance charges on the item you purchased. You only need to pay the fixed monthly amount. You can figure out this amount by dividing the purchase price by the number of months in your repayment tenor, which could be up to 36 months.

What happens if my instalment transaction amount cannot be divided equally over the chosen tenor or term?

We'll make the necessary adjustment on the last monthly instalment amount. For example, an instalment transaction amount of PHP10,000 payable over a 3-month tenor would be:

1st of 3 instalments = PHP3,333.33

2nd of 3 instalments = PHP3,333.33

3rd of 3 instalments = PHP3,333.33

Is there a minimum transaction to be eligible for HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan?

Each of our merchants have tset their own minimum transaction amount to qualify for the HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan. Some merchants will let you combine several items in order to reach the minimum purchase amount. Ask the merchant for full details on the minimum amount, and whether they allow you to combine items or not.

What tenors are available?

The shortest repayment tenor we offer is 3 months. Some stores offer longer instalment tenors, such as 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months and above, up to 36 months. Please ask the merchant about your options before making a purchase.

Are all the items in stores available for purchase on instalment?

Our partner stores determine which items may be purchased on instalment. Please ask the merchant about your options before making a purchase.

Will my monthly instalment be shown in my credit card statement?

Yes, you'll see it on your monthly statement just like a regular purchase. It will show the monthly amount to be paid as well as which instalment it is, such as the 3rd of 12 instalments. There's also a special instalment summary section on your statement.

What happens if I can't pay my monthly instalment?

If you're unable to pay the monthly instalment amount by the due date, your account will be past due and will be charged finance and late fees.

If I owe money from other purchases on my card, but I've repaid my HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan in full, will I be charged interest on my plan?

No. When you make your credit card payments, your plan instalments are paid off first. Any additional money you've paid will then go towards your other transactions.

Can my supplementary cardholders use the HSBC Credit Card Instalment Plan?

Yes. Just remember that any instalment purchases made on your supplementary cards will be posted and/or charged to your credit card account.

How much of the instalment amount counts towards my available credit limit?

You do not have a separate credit limit for your instalment plan, so the entire outstanding amount of the purchase would count towards your credit limit. That means that with each monthly instalment you pay, your credit limit will be replenished by that amount.

Can I earn bonus points for my instalment transactions?

Yes. You earn the bonus points from the time you made the purchase.

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Pay 0% interest for up to 36 months when you use your HSBC credit card at any of our participating merchants.

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