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What is a rewards credit card?

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A credit card that offers reward points, where you can earn points from your everyday spending.

These points can be redeemed for a range of goods and services, like shopping vouchers, gadgets, and flights. Points from credit card rewards can also be used to enjoy seasonal cash credits, waive your annual fee, or get the goods you need faster. 


While these points can be a smart way to benefit from your regular spending, it’s important to always spend within your means and understand exactly how the rewards programme works.

How do reward credit cards work?

Banks will offer different rates for earning credit card rewards points for spending and a variety of items you can exchange your points for. If you’re considering a rewards credit card, think about how you’ll spend and what you’d like to earn. This will show you which type of rewards credit card suits you best. Here are some examples of how this works:

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Shopping points

You can receive points from credit card rewards for every purchase you make using your credit card. There are ways to earn bonus points faster by using your credit cards at shops and online merchants; you can even earn up to 4×1 credit card rewards bonus points for every PHP20 spent with an HSBC Red Mastercard or HSBC Premier Mastercard. Earned points from credit card rewards can be accumulated and exchanged for shopping vouchers, gadgets, appliances, and furniture.

Air miles

If you’re a frequent flyer, it may be worth considering a credit card that earns you air miles on every purchase you make. This is possible with credit card rewards. There are certain merchant categories that let you earn 1 airmile for every P252 spent. These earned miles can then be exchanged for flights.

1 2HSBC Accelerated Rewards and Rewards Programme General Terms and Conditions apply

HSBC Red Mastercard Credit card rewards

Don’t have a card yet?

Earn 4x bonus points on your online, dining, shopping and overseas spend + 6% rebate on your first Caltex fuel purchase with a new HSBC Red Mastercard Credit Card. Apply for one today.

Already an HSBC credit cardholder? Discover latest credit card articles here.

Accelerated rewards

Some credit cards have great features that let you earn more than the usual points from credit card rewards with your spend. With accelerated rewards, you get to earn points faster.

Find out more about accelerated rewards with an HSBC Credit Cards

What can I redeem with my bonus points?

You can redeem your earned points from credit card rewards to choose items that you love. Select cool gadgets, lifestyle essentials, shopping vouchers, air miles, and more.

Visit our Rewards Catalog page to know what you can redeem through an HSBC Credit Card.

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How to apply for a rewards credit card

Explore our range of HSBC Philippines credit cards and apply for a credit card online.

Eligibility for a HSBC Credit Card:


You can also drop by at any HSBC branch near you to apply.