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Girl sitting on suitcase outside of airport; image used for HSBC Philippines Credit Card Offers Airlines Seat Sale page

When the world can be their playground, go with it

Enjoy low fares on local destinations during PAL’s Domestic Seat Sale! Plus, enjoy 0% installment when you spend at least PHP20,000 with your HSBC Credit Card when you book via PAL’s official website.

Gear up for your next holiday adventure!

Enjoy low fares on local destinations during PAL's Domestic Seat Sale. Fly for as low as PHP999 all-in, one way economy fare.
Spend at least PHP20,000 and enjoy 0% installment up to 9 months when you book via using your HSBC Credit Card from now until September 22, 2019.

Visit for a complete list of destinations and fare conditions.

Booking period: Until September 22, 2019

Travel Period: September 23 to December 10, 2019

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This product is being offered in partnership with HSBC Insurance Brokers Philippines.

*0% Installment is available for 3,6 and 9 months for a minimum of PHP20,000, PHP50,000 and PHP100,000 respectively. Availing of 0% installment via PAL’s official website will require usage of select devices.

HSBC’s 0% Card installment Plan Terms and Conditions apply. Terms and conditions apply.

CAB Approval No. 2920-08-07-s.2019

ASC Reference Code P073P091619P

Terms and Conditions

HSBC and Philippine Airlines’ 0% Installment Online Promo Mechanics

  1. HSBC and Philippine Airline’s 0% Installment Online Promo Mechanics (“the Promo”) is valid for tickets issued until December 31, 2019 (“the Promo Period”). 
  2. The Promo is open to all HSBC credit cardholders whose cards are issued in the Philippines and are in good credit standing (“the Cardholder”). HSBC Corporate and Debit cards are excluded from the Promo.
  3. To avail of the Promo, the Cardholder must purchase his/her Philippine Airlines tickets via using his/her HSBC Credit Card during the Promo Period. Transaction/Booking at must be done via:
    √  Desktop
    √  Laptop
    √  Tablet including iPad Gen 1 and 2
    And excluding
    ×  mobile
    ×  iPad Mini
    ×  other Phablets
  4. Booked fares are non-endorsable and may not be refundable.
    If the fare conditions permit refund, the unused tickets bought online may be refunded subject to applicable penalties. Please visit or call any Philippine Airlines Ticket Office or send an e-mail to
    Unless requested from PAL, PAL will not automatically refund your unused tickets.
    If the HSBC credit card used is not under passenger’s account name, passenger and the credit card holder both agree that: 
    1. Either the passenger or credit card holder may apply for online refund application;
    2. The refund will automatically be credited to the credit card account used;
      Note: Some fares are non-refundable. Please check the PAL fare conditions relating to the selected airfare(s).
  5. All fares are subject to PAL’s specific fare rules per destination and terms and conditions.
  6. Online installment is available on prime booking only.  Not available for booking changes transactions.
  7. Transaction amounts in currencies other than Philippine Peso shall be converted to the billing currency (Philippine Peso) using the prevailing foreign exchange rate during time of posting.
  8. Prices exclude Philippine Travel Tax, other charges and fees that are collected at the airport.
  9. To avail of the 0% installment, required minimum transaction amount shall apply:
    1. For 3 month installments – minimum of P20,000
    2. For 6 month installments – minimum of P50,000
    3. For 9 month installments – minimum of P100,000
  10. Monthly amortization computation will be presented in SOA rounded-off to the last 2 decimal points/centavo value. HSBC shall make the necessary adjustment on the last monthly installment amount considering residual amount and missed amortization due to late presentments, if applicable.
    For example, transaction amount is P20,000 for an installment payable over 3-month tenor shall be posted in your SOA as follows:
    1. 1st of 3 installments = Php6,666.67
    2. 2nd of 3 installments = Php6,666.67
    3. 3rd of 3 installments = Php6,666.66
  11. Flights will be governed by the terms and conditions of the Philippine Airlines who supplies the flight(s) to you. For any questions regarding the flight options please contact the Philippine Airlines directly at +63 2 855-8888.

CAB Approval Nos. 2920-08-07-s.2019, 0661-02-22-s.2019, 2965-08-09-s.2019

HSBC’s Card Instalment Plan

  1. HSBC's Card Instalment Plan ("HIP") is the installment facility of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ("HSBC"), which allows an HSBC credit cardholder ("Cardholder") to purchase selected goods and services from accredited HIP merchants in the Philippines using their HSBC credit card ("the Card") and pay for the same, together with applicable interest and other fees, on installment basis. In certain instances or promotions, HSBC may, at its sole discretion, allow the Cardholder to convert into installment transaction purchases made using the Card at non-accredited HIP merchants.
  2. The Cardholder agrees that HSBC may at its option require a minimum purchase amount to qualify for HIP.
  3. The Cardholder agrees that the beneficial title to the goods purchased through HIP, including any and all replacements, accessions and accessories thereto, shall remain with HSBC until the total HIP installment price is paid in full. The Cardholder shall, in the meantime, possess and hold the same in trust for HSBC.
  4. The Cardholder agrees not to alter, return, pledge, mortgage, sell, assign, pawn, lease or part with the possession of the goods without the prior written consent of HSBC and until and unless the Cardholder shall have paid the total HIP installment price including all other charges that may arise out of the purchase.
  5. The Cardholder acknowledges that the total HIP installment price plus any Interest ("Handling Fee") from the installment purchase shall be deducted from the available credit limit on the HSBC credit card account at the time of approval, but shall be posted at Statement billing / cut-off date in fixed equal monthly installment amounts on each statement of account. The entire monthly installment amount shall form part of the Minimum Amount Due on each statement of account. The Cardholder shall have the option to pay the Minimum Amount Due, every month. ,. If he does so, or if the Cardholder revolves any portion of the Total Amount Due in any given month, this shall be included in the computation of the Finance Charge and Late Payment Charge (if applicable) for that month. The Cardholder shall be liable to pay these charges, plus any applicable taxes and charges required by the government thereon, over and above the applicable interest due on the installment transaction. The finance charges, at HSBC's prevailing rate, will be levied using the average daily balance method upon the Cardholder's opening balance and all new transactions posted, including any applicable fixed monthly installment amount and interest thereon, within the statement period accrued from the transactions' posting date until the end of the current statement period.
  6. The use of the Card in connection with HIP shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions governing HSBC's Credit Card Products to the extent not inconsistent herewith.
  7. The Cardholder's availment of HIP shall be considered his/her acceptance of and agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions and such amendments hereof as may be made by HSBC and advised from time to time.
  8. HIP cannot be availed of in conjunction with ongoing HIP Merchant, other HSBC credit card and/or government promotions.
  9. HIP is available in select branches and over select items of the HIP merchant. The HIP Merchants listed in this material are current as of print date. HSBC reserves the right to change the line-up of HIP Partner Merchants participating in the HIP program from time to time. The latest list of HIP merchants may be found at HSBC's website The items included in the 0% Interest Installment Plan and/or in the Deferred Payment Plan, shall be identified in the price tag of the item.
  10. In case of pre-termination or cancellation of the HSBC Card Installment Plan transaction before the end of the chosen repayment period, HSBC reserves the right to charge to the cardholder's account a processing fee of Five Hundred Pesos (P500).
  11. In case of inconsistency or conflict related to the promo and/or HSBC’s Card Installment Plan, HSBC’s decision will prevail with concurrence of DTI.