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Credit Secure

With effect from 01 March 2020, HSBC Insurance Brokers ceased to accept new applications for Credit Secure. The information shown in this page will continue to apply to existing Credit Secure customers only.

What is Credit Secure?

Credit Secure is a complete life insurance solution for insured HSBC cardholders should they pass away, become totally and permanently disabled, or get diagnosed with a covered critical illness*. It covers the payment of your total outstanding balance up to a maximum of PHP 1,000,000.

It also provides additional coverage for total and temporary disability, involuntary unemployment, or prolonged hospitalization. If no claims were filed for the past 2 years, insured cardholders will also receive back a portion of the total premiums paid in that same period.

For additional information on your benefits, please refer to the Proof of Cover that you will receive upon successful enrollment.

*No Critical Illness Benefit is paid within 90 days from effective date of coverage and 30 days from the date of diagnosis.

Complete life insurance solution at an affordable premium

For just a low monthly premium of 0.69% of your total outstanding balance or 69 cents per 100 pesos of your total outstanding balance, you get all the benefits offered by Credit Secure.

Who can be covered?


Active and current primary cardholders of HSBC from 18 to 63 years old are eligible to avail of Credit Secure. Coverage will automatically end when the insured cardholder has attained the age of 65.

How much does it cost?

Cost is equal to 0.69% of your Total Outstanding Balance or 69 cents per 100 pesos of your total outstanding balance per month.

Frequently asked questions

What is Credit Secure?

Credit Secure is a complete life insurance solution that provides financial security and enables HSBC cardholders to repay their debt should they pass away, become ill or disabled, lose a job, or get hospitalized. They will also receive back a portion of the total premiums that they paid should no claims were filed for 2 years from the start of their coverage.

Who can avail Credit Secure and if I have several HSBC Cards, can I avail of Credit Secure for all of them?

All active and current primary cardholders between 18 to 63 years old can get Credit Secure. You can also avail this insurance solution for all of your active HSBC cards since coverage is on a per card basis, subject to a maximum aggregate benefit per cardholder.

Is there a maximum benefit payable?

For Death, Critical Illness, Total and Permanent Disability, Total and Temporary Disability, the maximum benefit payable is Php1,000,000 per card.  For multiple cards covered, maximum benefit is Php2,000,000 aggregate per cardholder. For involuntary unemployment or hospitalization, a maximum benefit of 3 months of your minimum amount due is covered per policy year.

How do I pay premiums? Will my premium rate increase over time?

Your premiums will be billed and included in the billing statement provided to you every end of your billing cycle. The premium rate is equal to 0.69% of your total outstanding balance or 69 cents per 100 pesos of your total monthly outstanding balance per month.

Who is the underwriter of Credit Secure?

Credit Secure is underwritten by Allianz PNB Life Insurance, Inc. for HSBC who is the policyholder of the group policy.  Allianz PNB Life Insurance guarantees all benefits of Credit Secure to all insured cardholders of HSBC in good standing. It is among the major life insurers in the Philippines, which began its operations in 2001.

Credit Secure is marketed by HSBC Insurance Brokers Philippines Inc.

When does the coverage begin or take effect?

Your coverage will begin upon agreeing to sign up for Credit Secure and acceptance by Allianz PNB Life. You will also receive a Proof of Cover showing all the benefits of the insurance solution.

Are the expenses incurred by my Supplementary cardholders covered by Credit Secure?

Yes, the expenses incurred by your supplementary cardholders that are charged to your card and are reflected in your monthly card statement will be covered by Credit Secure.

What will happen to my Credit Secure coverage if my HSBC Card accounts become delinquent?

Your coverage will be automatically cancelled when your HSBC Card becomes delinquent or if the premium doesn't get successfully billed to your card for two consecutive months. However, once the card becomes active, Credit Secure will automatically be reinstated on the date of the next premium posting.

When will I receive my Proof of Cover?

You will receive your Proof of Cover within 3 weeks from agreeing to sign up and upon acceptance of Allianz PNB Life Insurance.  The Proof of Cover will be delivered through your e-mail address. The terms and conditions will be specified in this document and you are strongly advised to review them.

If you decide that the product is not suitable for your needs, simply call our hotline at (02)8858-0000 to cancel your policy within fifteen (15) days from the date you received the Proof of Cover.  You will be refunded the value of the premium charged.

How can I make a claim?

To know the requirements in filing a claim or request to file a claim, please contact our hotline at (02)8858-0000 or Allianz PNB Life at +632-818-HELP (+632-818-4357)

Premium calculation illustration

For this illustration, the premium amount is 0.69% of the credit card’s total outstanding balance.


A client has a total outstanding balance of Php 10,000 in his credit card. The premium to be charged to the client’s account from that billing cycle is 0.69% x Php 10,000 = Php 69.

Filing a complaint

Please contact the HSBC Contact Centre at (02)8858-0000 or Allianz PNB Life at +632-818-HELP (+632-818-4357).

Insurance disclaimer

Important: Credit Secure is underwritten by Allianz PNB Life and brokered by HSBC Insurance Brokers Philippines Inc. (HIBI). Coverage under this insurance product is subject to Exclusions and Conditions of the Policy Contract which will be sent to you by Allianz PNB Life after it has accepted your enrollment. This is not a deposit with, or product or obligation of, nor is it guaranteed by, HSBC, HSBC Insurance Brokers or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. HIBI will receive commission from the Insurance Company equivalent to a percentage of the gross premium payable. Allianz PNB Life will be responsible for the claims processing.

Disclosure of Material Facts

Every proposer or insured, when seeking new insurance or amending or renewing an existing policy must disclose any information which might influence the insurer in deciding whether or not to accept the risk, what the terms of the policy should be or what premium to charge. You should also disclose all material facts relevant to any claim you make under your policy. If you fail to disclose all material facts, this may render the insurance voidable from inception (the start of the contract) and enable the insurer to repudiate liability (entitle the insurer not to pay your claims). If you are not sure whether a fact is material, you should disclose it.